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5 Great Nutritious Food To Reduce Social Anxiety


Have you before now come across the word “Social Anxiety?”  Do you know what it meant?  If you haven’t, now is the right time to know what it is and how best to deal with it.

Social Anxiety in action

I won’t bother you with a crafty definition of the term social anxiety, but I can tell you that:

•    If you can’t make or you’re struggling to hold eye contact with most people, you are suffering from social anxiety

•    If you are constantly feeling tense and worn out whenever you are not alone by yourself, that’s a symptom of social anxiety

•     If around people you sound so quiet, shaky and mostly insecure, you are being haunted by social anxiety

•    If you are mostly feeling nervous, looking awkward and usually withdrawn from people, you have got social anxiety

•    And if your secluded life has gotten to the level where you are struggling to strike and maintain a regular conversation or you find it difficult to have friends like every normal person, you have been eaten up by social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a disorder that is characterized by constant worry and nervousness. It can take a greater part of your life and lock you up in a world of loneliness, depression, thoughts and self-pity, which can lead to other severe health challenges.

Social Anxiety refers to the fear of social situations that involved interaction with other people. It is the fear and anxiety you entertained of being evaluated and judged negatively by other people.

But while there is a will, there is always a way, and as long as you still have life, you can always hope for the best. So in this article, we have compiled 5 great nutritious foods that can help you reduce your social anxiety problem and live a healthier and happy life. Yes. There are certain foods that have the potential to lower the level of your symptoms because these foods have brain-boosting properties that help in resolving the problem.

5 amazing nutritious foods to reduce social anxiety

1.  Dark Chocolate

Adding some dark chocolate to your diet will help to ease your anxiety. Dark chocolate contains a compound named flavonols— a reliable antioxidant that may also enhance the functionality of your brain. They are able to do this by improving the flow of blood to the brain and enhancing its ability to adapt to situations that are stressful, including depressive situations have the potential of resulting in anxiety and other disorders.

When you eat dark chocolate, it also has the ability to accelerate the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, known to be a great reducer of stress that leads to anxiety.

That said, you have to be very careful in consuming dark chocolate since it is known to be very high in calories, and the fact that you can easily overeat it. A proper serving size should be 1-15 ounces. 

2.  Avocado

Every one of us needs Vitamin B to enhance our brain cells and healthy nerves. Lack of vitamin B is one of the root causes of feelings of anxiety. Avocados are nutritious foods rich in vitamin B which is very active in relieving stress—a major component of anxiety. Another thing that avocados contain is the high level of potassium and monounsaturated fat, components that help in lowering high blood pressure. When you add avocado to your vanilla extract, blended ripe banana, nonnutritive sweetener and nut milk, then freeze it and chill out; you will be able to deal with your anxiety in a positive way.

3.  Turmeric

Here is one great spices that comes with a compound called curcumin, which studies suggest is very helpful in promoting brain health as well as preventing anxiety disorders. 

The curcumin compound available in turmeric is said to boost the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA present in the human brain. It does this by assisting your body to synthesize in a more efficient way. In one research, it was discovered that 20 mg/kg of curcumin created a high level of anti-anxiety effect in stressed mice, which is far more productive than those that were given a lower dose.

Not only that, curcumin also has amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that have been proven to be very effective preventing brain cells damages. Furthermore, a consumption of curcumin also helps in increasing the level of blood antioxidants.

If you are suffering from social anxiety, adding turmeric to your diet is worth trying.

4.  Yogurt

Of course, you must have heard of, seen or even taste the delicacy called yogurt. But do you know how beneficial it is in dealing with anxiety?

Some types of Yogurt contains a healthy bacteria or probiotics which helps in promoting brain function and mental health by inhibiting neurotoxins and free radicals, which has the potential to damage brain nerve tissues and result to anxiety.

Some research findings have demonstrated that people who consumed probiotic foods like yogurt on a daily basis were better of in coping with stress-induced anxiety than those who consumed similar yogurt without probiotic.

In one study, it was revealed that women who consumed 125 grams of probiotic yogurt two times a day for a period of four weeks had better functioning regions of the brain responsible for sensation and emotions which can lead to lower levels of anxiety.

Now that you have known, why don’t you get yourself some yogurt and fight back at that social anxiety troubling you? But make sure the yogurt you are chosen has “live active culture” listed as part of the ingredients—meaning it is probiotic.              

5.  Green Tea

Green Tea is a nutrient-based food that contains a high level of an essential amino acid called L-Theanine. This amino acid has been proven to be very effective against anxiety and improving brain health.

Studies have shown that people who consume L-Theanine experience high reduction in levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone directly link to anxiety. Such people also experience a far-reaching reduction in psychological stress components such as increased heart rate, which is another component of anxiety.

Final thought

Are you suffering from social anxiety? The above foods as well as some others not listed here can play a prominent role in reducing and controlling your level of anxiety. As you take these foods, also try as much as possible to perfect some of the physical nature of the challenges that you are facing like, trying to mingle with people and doing those things you normally struggle to do before now.    

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